Having slow performance on your website can hurt your traffic potential and current user experience. webpopular.net’s WordPress Performance is an extensive service that can help speed up your website and improve website health, SEO score, and the end-user experience. Other reasons to get WordPress Performance are:

  • Improve loading time
  • Make your website run smoother
  • Better use engagement
  • Improve conversions
  • Your website will look more credible
  • Decrease bounce rates
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We make it our mission to provide you with a functioning website that is also user-ready and speedy for future visitors. WordPress Performance optimizations can make your e-commerce, personal website, or agency webpage load quickly and provide a smooth experience for users, in turn reaching your business objectives. WordPress is such a well known content management system that certainly it’s easy to use, but many businesses may need help with optimizing their website because they don’t have the expertise to do so, this is where we come in. Take a look at some of the performance-enhancing services we provide:

[iconbox2 icon=”wb-image” title=”Compress & Optimize Images”]Compressing and choosing different file types, for example, JPG instead of PNG, can reduce the file size of images and make it so the site can load faster. This provides a better user experience.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”elu-network” title=”Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)”]Distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”wb-loading2″ title=”Implement Lazy Loading”]An optimization technique that loads visible content but delays the downloading and rendering of content that appears below the fold.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”wb-powerplug” title=”Use Plugin Load Filter”]Within this plugin you will be able to deactivate unnecessary plugins for each individual post and page. By filtering the activation of plugins, you can significantly speed up your website.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”ba-browser2″ title=”Browser Caching”]Browser caching lets your site tell a visitor’s browser to save certain files on the visitor’s local computer and load those local files for subsequent visits, rather than downloading them from your server on every page load.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”wb-post2″ title=”Display Excerpts”]Displaying excerpts instead of full blog posts can help speed up your site by making users download a smaller HTML document.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”wb-missedcall” title=”Reduce Calls to Database”]Reducing the database calls your site makes can help speed things up. Storing data inside a database makes it easier to retrieve, and makes your website more flexible. This convenience can also sometimes cause your website to take up more server resources and cause your site to load slower.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”ws-code” title=”Optimize Custom Code”]Sometimes using custom code can be useful in getting what you need onto your website, but if it’s not optimized the website would have to load a large code which can slow down your load speeds.[/iconbox2]
[iconbox2 icon=”wb-ajax” title=”Utilize Ajax”]Ajax is a JavaScript-based technology that allows a web page to fetch new information and present itself without refreshing the page. The idea behind Ajax is to make the web page more responsive and interactive from the user’s point of view.[/iconbox2]

Why choose us for WordPress Performance?

We take the time to really get to know who you are as a company. Your need and wants are our priority. Your site performance should reflect your WordPress web pages’ aesthetics. So, don’t settle for a slow website that users will hate. Partner with us and turn your vision into a reality with our team of WordPress specialists.

What are you waiting for, call us today at (214) 282-3530 and get your free quote? It’s time to build a fast website that works and runs smoothly for your clients.


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