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December 14, 2020by Brandon Bass

Despite being in a pandemic, has been able to grow as a company with its most successful year yet and this holiday season, we would like to give back to the community. We will be donating to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, a nonprofit based in Fort Worth, TX with the goal to eliminate hunger in 13 counties.

According to Tarrant Area Food Bank, more than half a million North Texans, including many children, struggle with hunger. Therefore, we have set a goal to give the Tarrant Area Food Bank $2,000 by December 23. This goal will help to provide 10,000 meals to the community. We will be matching every dollar donated, up to $1,000, and donate 100% of it to the food bank. To donate, click the Donate button below.

By donating this will help provide food to those who are food insecure. This includes but is not limited to families, victims of family violence, and the homeless. Any donation amount will help, even $10 can help provide 50 meals to people in need.


Thank you to all those who helped us in donating to Tarrant Area Food Bank. We were able to provide over 7,000 meals to those in need. With that said you’re still able to donate to keep helping even more families in need.

Also, you may browse our other blog posts for more charitable opportunities.

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