Case StudySearch Engine OptimizationHow to increase website traffic: a case study

February 2, 2021by Brandon Bass

What we did

This success story comes from one of our clients. Their site has better reach due to having an increased amount of users (+45.2%) and sessions ( +41%) in the past month. Best shown in the screenshot below, provided by Google Analytics

case study analytics


The positive impact on this website was due to various search engine optimization strategies. The better the SEO, the higher chance a site will be on Google’s top search results.

So how do I increase website traffic?

There are various ways to increase website traffic and improve rankings, such as:

  • Update content with new information and target keywords
  • Fix broken links
  • Make sure title tags aren’t too long
  • Create meta descriptions with target keywords
  • Address slow site speed
  • Update sitemap
  • Create meaningful alt attributes for images
  • Add relevant internal links throughout your site

This isn’t a complete list of  “to-dos” but these were issues that needed to be addressed on the client’s site. This is also a long-term process and desired results typically appear between 6 to 12 months. The longer you invest in SEO the better the results will be.

Here is an example of a prominent issue, meta descriptions. A good meta description has target keywords and makes use of the character limit. While a bad one is left blank. SERPsim is a handy tool for checking meta descriptions.

Bad meta description

bad meta description

Good meta description

good meta description

How do I find issues on my website?

You may find website issues by using paid audit tools such as MOZ ProSEOptimer, or SEMrush.

Alternatively, a free long-term solution would be to check the entire site and see where you can spot opportunities to better your SEO. Checking links, spot misspellings, update content, etc.

Here is a screenshot from SEMrush.


Are there faster ways to increase website traffic?

Yes of course! Organic reach takes time, patience, and research to achieve desired results. Alternatively, you could go the paid route. You can invest in advertising to promote your website, product, or service. Once you have thought out your campaign, have a target market, a great message, realistic objective, and platform of choice, you then can start promoting your website and will see results faster.

Below is an example of a Facebook ad promoting our search engine optimization services.

Link your website in the comments below to see if we can help!

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Hopefully, this blog post was insightful and helpful in your decision making for better search engine optimization. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the time or the skill required to improve your website’s SEO we are here to help. Visit our search engine optimization services page or contact us to see if we are the right fit for you.

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