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January 15, 2019by Brandon Bass

Every business or non-profit needs to let the world know of its services. With information at your fingertips, it is necessary to market your business online. Having a website is only the beginning but when you are able to get your message in front of the people who are looking for your services, you are able to achieve and exceed your goals. That’s why you have to consider looking for a top rated digital marketing agency like Black Storm Roofing Marketing that specializes in Roofing Lead Flow to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business

Online marketing campaigns need a good internet provider like the ones from Eatel, so If You’re Really Interested In Finding Out More About Eatel Business visit their site. Online marketing campaigns also incorporate a lot of factors, but regardless of anything else, one factor matters more than some other with regards to an internet advertising effort is the the return on investment (ROI).  On the off chance that you can amplify your ROI, and support it over the long haul, your online marketing effort, by definition, will be a verifiable achievement Read here to learn more.

What is ROI for Online marketing?

Return on investment in online marketing consists of both organic and paid. For organic marketing, the only thing you are investing is time and effort while in paid marketing money is invested.

An example of organic marketing, certain keywords can show your site on the search results.

organic marketing

An example of paid marketing, a Facebook ad to promote our SEO services.

Paid advertising

Did you know that 53% of paid clicks are made on mobile devices and 60% of mobile users are very likely to click on the first two or three search results?

What online marketing strategy should I use to advertise my business?

Each business is unique and works in a remarkable space, so there is no correct answer. Hence, your business goals, spending plan, and time requirements will have an essential influence toward the path you take.

…Let’s do a quick review of some of the most popular digital marketing strategies around today so that we can pick the best from them…Let’s read here:

Paid Advertising or sponsored links from Google AdWords

The method used by Google AdWords to charge business owners is built on the Pay Per Click (PPC) principle. That means that each time someone clicks your ad, you’re charged. Well-known search terms are costlier to buy than those that are less prominent, and the rate you are charged per click is subject to your market and where you’d like to rank. For instance, an organization paying $0.20/click will probably not rank over an organization paying $0.30/click unless the quality of their ad is significantly better. That’s just how the system works.

For the best results, use long tail search terms for your paid advertising campaign. Most of the time, its costly well-known search terms may not be effective in getting the results you desire.

The greatest benefit of PPC is that you can control which terms your site will be listed for. This is particularly useful when you’re attempting to figure out which catchphrase or keywords term yields the best outcomes. By using Google’s AdWords management tool, you can without much of a stretch see which catchphrases or keywords are generating leads the most.

The pay per click on a Google search advert can change wildly depending on the kind of industry you’re in, once in a while up to $50 or more per click. In addition, you’re not “building value” with a paid advertising effort, regardless of what platform you’re on; it is quite similar to paying rent. When making a decision to put a stop to paid advertisements, in that very instant the services get turned off and the only lasting equity you get from it is the returns you got while the promotions were active.

AdWords is an extraordinary method to advance your listing to the highest point of the pile. In any case, it comes at a cost, and if it is not overseen effectively, that cost can deplete the budgeted funds for your online marketing endeavors rapidly.

Content Marketing and SEO

Different from paid advertising techniques, it’s actually doable to begin in content marketing and SEO without cash commitment. In any case, if you need to promote your technique to a significant height, it will take huge time, cash or both.

The best merit to having a solid organic SEO ranking is that organic ranking, in general, is more trusted than the sponsored links. The importance of organic ranking cannot be overemphasized – Statistics demonstrate that a high organic ranking pulls in half more click-through than the best AdWords listing.

As you start out, your outcomes will drive you to want more, but the true strength of content marketing and SEO is their capacity to yield exponential results over time; as opposed to getting linear outcomes when you use paid advertising.

The amazing thing about content marketing is that every new content can have a tremendous impact on the number of credible leads your site generates.

In view of this, most organizations understand the value of investment, since they recognize that higher organic rankings imply higher returns on investments.

Drawing a line between Paid Advertising and its SEO counterpart

Now that you have a clear picture of how paid advertising and SEO can affect your marketing strategy, let’s dive deeper into paid advertising vs seo:

  • AdWords advertisements are on only Google sites and websites that use Google AdSense, but SEO strategies are appropriate for all search engines
  • You have to pay for AdWords traffic while SEO traffic come at no cost per lead.
  • AdWords advertisements can show up immediately as the first and last search results on Google, however with SEO a larger investment of time and patience is needed to get the best rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs.
  • Traffic stops when you halt Your AdWords ad or campaign, but that is not the case with SEO – it is more long term.
  • Successful AdWords campaigns require specific landing page content for those keywords which increases upfront costs while SEO’s investment is just time spent.

Social media Marketing

Social media marketing is another online marketing platform that offers amazing opportunities to business owners that want to get their services out there. Contingent upon the size of your goals, your social media marketing campaign could cost significant cash monthly.

The equity generated through this channel is very difficult to quantify compared to the outcomes you’ll get from SEO or paid advertising. You can gauge commitment, traffic, and lead conversion, yet it’s difficult to precisely evaluate the true worth of the image that your brand has created. A great deal of social media marketing is advertising to your current clientele except for when you are using sponsored advertisements. Products do best with social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an astounding online marketing strategy that generates high ROI. This is one of the cheapest marketing strategies employed for online marketing campaigns. This is because of the ease of making a rundown and conveying messages; it won’t cost you much for time or cash. There’s also something of a development factor, as the worth of your email marketing campaigns will increment with the measure of your list. In any case, for email marketing to be effective, it needs to answer to various other interrelated techniques – and the exertion it takes to build the list can be very tasking.

Who should I advertise to?

That depends on who your ideal customer is, and you should already have that in mind. If not, that’s okay, it will just require a little bit of research to see what kind of customers are attracted to your business and what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you’re an online specialty coffee bean store you might want to target coffee enthusiasts, people that like to cook, and people that like hot drinks.

How do I measure my marketing efforts?

To measure if you are doing SEO correctly you can use free audit tools such as the one, we offer on our search engine optimization services page. For paid software, you may use SEMrush, one of our personal favorites. These tools will help you measure for issues on your website and suggestions that are needed to make sure your domain is ranking high on Google’s search results.

As for paid types of advertising, there are many ways to evaluate how they are doing, many of them have built-in metrics to see if they are performing the way as intended.


Every online marketing technique listed above will generate returns on investment, but if you are interested in immediate results, then you should consider paid advertising. If you can be patient with your results, search engine optimization marketing offers the most ROI for the long term.

Needing to choose the one, the best return on investment for online marketing is search engine optimization because of its wide scope of impact, more-permanent value, and its unrivaled capacity for accumulating returns. It is simply the best way to spend your marketing resources. Therefore, we offer search engine optimization services, our strategies are custom-tailored to you and your goal.

Have questions about ROI? Contact us and tell us how we can help!

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